iVisitor allows all members from the University of California Office of the President to pre-register and pre-approve expected visitors, and allow them access to the Franklin Building using a online-hosted application. Upon arrival at the front desk of the Franklin building the visitor will be given a printed badge that states the visitor by name, which employee the guest will be visiting, and what location in the building they will be visiting. iVisitor also provides a method to quickly perform visitor traffic analysis. The iVisitor system will notify the employee by email when the visitor has arrived and when they have departed.

iVisitor is available for use by all employees of the UC Office of the President.


Users may access iVisitor here.

By providing a valid user name and password, users are taken to their particular page view, which incorporates and presents only the information and options available for the correct system authority. To acquire a user name and password contact the Work Management Center.

To learn more about iVisitor, review the iVisitor user guide (pdf).

Technical details

Original data is stored in a SQL database and is transitionally replicated across databases. This data redundancy allows for automatic recovery from a failure of the original server with loss of less than one-minute of data. This data is further backed up by nightly complete backups, which are kept for a specified time frame. Administrative access to servers is limited to Lead Developer and the System Administrator and requires the utilization of an encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN). Firewalls are configured to demand a valid certificate before allowing a use of any protocol other than HTTP, or HTTPS. As software and operating system patches become available, they are immediately applied to iVisitor staging servers. Patches are then tested and ported to production servers.