Sample Course Resources

Included in this sample is a single course overview, unit, and assignment; this is not a sample of a complete course, nor are all disciplines/courses represented in this sample. The purpose of these pieces is to give course authors a basic sample of how to construct strong course overviews, units, and assignments. Often, when a course is not approved by the UC High School Articulation Team, it is because the UC A-G Subject Area Specific Criteria is not explicitly written into a course submission. We encourage all course authors to consistently review the criteria specific to the subject/discipline under which they are submitting their courses.

Registered users can access the repository of "a-g" approved courses using the A-G Course Management Portal and view the full course descriptions of approved “a-g” courses. Course searches can be conducted based on course title, subject area, discipline, grade level, honors designation, CTE industry sector and/or institution name.