Submitting new courses

New courses

There are four different types or scenarios of new course submissions:

All new courses are submitted for "a-g" review using the A-G Course Management Portal (CMP).

The submission period

The A-G CMP is open annually for the "a-g" course submission period from February 1 - September 15. New courses may only be submitted to UC for "a-g" review during this time. Courses are approved beginning with the academic year corresponding to the submission period the course was approved.

Institutions are encouraged to submit their new courses early to ensure that their courses are "a-g" approved prior to the start of their school year and the opening of the UC application in August.

Tips & tools

Helpful resources, tools and guides are available to assist with writing, preparing and submitting courses for "a-g" approval.


Course review

All new course submissions are placed in a queue in the order received and reviewed by one of our articulation analysts. To provide a more objective review of the course content, UC conducts “blind” reads of all new courses, where the name of the institution submitting the course is hidden from our analysts. A-G approval is based on the course demonstrating compliance with the "a-g" subject area course criteria established by UC faculty.

Generally, new courses are reviewed within two to four weeks of submission. However, depending on the time of year and volume of submissions received, it may take longer. When a course completes the review process, an email notification with the results of the course review is sent to the course's author and institution's course list manager. The results of a course review, in addition to the analyst's comments, are also available in the My Courses section on the A-G CMP.


Some courses do not earn “a-g” approval the first time around. The University encourages schools to resubmit these courses after making modifications and additions to the course submission based on the analyst’s comments. To resubmit a course, access the submission in the My Courses section on the A-G CMP. The content from the original course submission is retained in the resubmission form and only requires making the requested changes. Once submitted, resubmissions are automatically placed at the front of the original analyst’s queue allowing a quicker turnaround.

There is a limit to the number of times a course may be resubmitted before the course submission period closes on September 15. The submission period is divided into three phases with each phase determining the number of resubmission opportunities awarded to new courses initially submitted during that timeframe. The three phases are described as:

  • Phase 1 (February 1 - May 31): New courses initially submitted during Phase 1 may have up to two opportunities for resubmission if the course is not initially approved.
  • Phase 2 (June 1 - July 31): New courses initially submitted during Phase 2 may have only one opportunity for resubmission if the course is not initially approved.
  • Phase 3 (August 1 - September 15): New courses initially submitted during Phase 3 will have no opportunities for resubmission if the course is not initially approved.

All resubmissions must be received by the final submission deadline of September 15 with the exception of the first resubmission from courses initially submitted during Phase 1 is due by July 31. Courses not approved after the resubmission deadline can be submitted again for "a-g" review during the next submission period.


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