Charter schools

Types of charter schools

UC draws distinctions between two types of charter schools based on the relationship of the charter to the district.

Dependent charter schools

Dependent charters schools are charter schools that have been created and funded by the district board and are considered an integral part of the district’s schools. Within the A-G Course Management Portal, the authorizing district can choose to manage the charter school's "a-g" course list and submit courses for "a-g" review on behalf of the school. Like other comprehensive schools within their district, dependent charter schools can also add to their "a-g" course list approved courses from other high schools within their district.

Independent charter schools

Independent charter schools are typically those charter schools that are formed and directly funded by parents, teachers, community members or charter school networks. Since independent charter schools have substantial autonomy to design and offer courses that differ from those offered at other schools in their district, a full course review is required for all courses seeking "a-g" approval, including those already approved at a high school within their authorizing district.

Charter schools within a school network registered with UC can add to their "a-g" course list approved courses from other network schools.

New charter schools

Start-up charter schools

Start-up charter schools are required to meet the same institutional requirements and follow the same process for establishing an “a-g” course list as all other new schools. Additional questions are included in the School Registration Form for independent study schools to ensure compliance with the University’s nonclassroom-based school policy. Online schools are also required to demonstrate that their school operates according to national quality standards for online programs.

Conversion charter schools

Conversion charter schools are handled differently than start-up charter schools since the institution would have already established an "a-g" course list. UC generally allows conversion charter schools to retain their "a-g” course list until they are able to become re-accredited (or a candidate for accreditation). Certain conversion charter schools may also be required to resubmit their courses for "a-g" approval. These schools should notify UC immediately of their conversion.

Charter school networks

Charter school networks are now eligible to establish themselves in the A-G Course Management Portal (CMP). Similar to a district, charter school networks can submit courses and manage the "a-g" course lists for the high schools within their network. Individual schools within the network can also add to their "a-g" course list approved courses from other network schools.