Revising existing courses

Changes to approved "a-g" courses can be made using the A-G Course Management Portal (A-G CMP).

About course revisions

Revisions are defined as changes in:

  • course title
  • transcript abbreviation
  • course code
  • schools associated with a course (districts and school networks only)
  • subject area and/or discipline
  • grade level
  • length of a course
  • UC honors status
  • course materials
  • course's content

Revisions to courses will not be reflected immediately on the "a-g" course list. Our analysts must first approve of the changes to the course. Certain revisions to a course, such as adding the UC honors designation, moving a course to another subject area, or changing a course's length, may require a review of the course's content to ensure that the proposed changes align with the University's subject area course criteria

The submission period

The A-G CMP is open annually for the "a-g" course submission period from February 1 - September 15. Revisions to existing courses may only be submitted to UC during this time. Changes to courses are reflective on the "a-g" course list beginning with the academic year corresponding to the submission period the course was updated.


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