Navigating the A-G CMP

The A-G Course Management Portal (CMP) launched in February 2015 and serves as the new platform for institutions to submit courses for "a-g" approval and manage their "a-g" course lists. This system aims to:

  • Streamline the overall “a-g” course submission process for high schools, programs, online publishers, districts, and school networks; and
  • Serve as a collaborative, statewide repository of “a-g” course descriptions for curriculum design.


On the A-G CMP's login page, click the “Create a new user account” link to register and set-up a personal account and login credentials. After completing the Request User Account form, a follow-up e-mail will be sent to verify the e-mail address provided and activate the account.

We encourage all teachers and administrators to register for the A-G CMP regardless of their direct involvement in managing the "a-g" course list.

A California high school, online school, school network, program or online course publisher without an active "a-g" course list must first register their institution for the A-G CMP before individual accounts may be set-up.

User account permissions

By default, a new user account in the A-G CMP is given basic permissions*, which include:

  • Searching and viewing courses
  • Drafting new courses

An institution's "a-g" course list manager and head of institution are awarded additional administrative permissions, which include:

  • Searching and viewing courses
  • Drafting new courses
  • Submitting courses to UC
  • Revising existing courses
  • Archiving courses
  • Updating demographic information
  • Managing other users’ permissions*

*Additional permissions may be added at the discretion of the "a-g" course list manager and/or head of institution.

Course submissions

New courses

The new course submission form aligns with the subject area course criteria to streamline the "a-g" course submission and review process. The Quick-Start Guide for New A-G Course Submissions [PDF] provides a comprehensive overview of the course content information required for “a-g” review, and can assist in preparing courses for submission.

To begin a new course submission, click one of the scenarios on the A-G CMP homepage or from the Submission menu. Pink help icons can be found throughout the form if additional assistance is needed.

Drafts of courses are accessible to all users at the same institution allowing for opportunities to collaborate when completing a new course submission.

Existing courses

Revise a course

To revise an approved course, click the link on the A-G CMP homepage or from the Submission menu, and then click the blue edit icon next to the course’s title. Only user accounts with the permission to revise courses can begin a course revision. To be granted this permission, contact your institution’s “a-g” course list manager or head of institution.

Archive a course

Archiving a course refers to removing a course from an “a-g” course list that will not be offered in the upcoming academic year. To archive a course, click the link on the A-G CMP homepage or from the Submission menu, and then click the blue file icon next to the course’s title. Only school user accounts with the permission to archive courses can archive a course. To be granted this permission, contact your institution’s “a-g” course list manager or head of institution.

Starting February 1, 2017 , districts and school networks will no longer have the ability to archive district owned courses. Courses that remain on your Course Archive will be deleted after September 15, 2017. The course will remain in the school archives.

Course descriptions from archived courses are available to view in the Course Archive section in the A-G CMP. To activate an archived course, click the yellow plus icon next to the course's title.

Course submission workflow

At the end of the course submission form, a user will either forward their course to their institution's "a-g" course list manager or submit the course directly to UC. By default, a user is not awarded the permission to submit courses to UC and instead these users are prompted to forward their course to their "a-g" course list manager who will then submit the course on their behalf. An individual user can always be granted the permission to submit courses directly to UC by their "a-g" course list manager or head of institution.

The graphic below summarizes the course submission workflow in the A-G CMP:

Forward vs. submit

It is important to remember that forwarding is not the same as submitting. Keep deadlines in mind. Courses should be forwarded to an "a-g" course list manager with enough time for them to submit the courses to UC before the close of a phase or submission period.

Course search

Registered A-G CMP users can explore the repository of "a-g" approved courses from public schools throughout the state and search for sample courses based on course title, subject area, discipline, grade level, honors designation, CTE industry sector and/or institution name. The search results will provide a link to the course's content that can assist institutions with "a-g" curriculum development.

Other A-G CMP features

My Courses

Use the My Courses section to view and access drafts, forwarded and submitted courses, course submission results and past submission history.

My Institution

Access your institution's demographic information via the My Institution section. A user with the permission to update their institution’s demographic information can do so in this section. Institutions are required to verify their demographic information each year even if no changes need to be made to their "a-g" course list for the upcoming academic year.

If an institution's accreditation term needs to be updated, please e-mail a copy of the official accreditation letter or certificate stating the new term of accreditation.

A-G course list managers and heads of institution can also manage individual account permissions for users registered with their institution in the My Institution section.

My Account

Personal account information, such as name, position/title, associated institution(s), phone number, e-mail and account password, can be updated using the My Account link found in the upper right-hand corner on the A-G CMP.