Past Articulation Conferences

The Articulation unit in the Department of Student Affairs – Undergraduate Admissions at the UC Office of the President hosts the UC Articulation Conferences (UCAC) every 1-3 years. Each UCAC focuses on a different theme or issue related to high school and/or transfer articulation.

UCAC 2016: Aligning Math Together

Mathematics was the focus of UCAC in Spring 2016. Two conferences, held at UC Davis and UC Irvine, convened key representatives from K-12 and all segments of public higher education in California for targeted discussions on establishing shared math preparation expectations and practices that support student success in college math.

 The opening keynote presentation by Kyndall Brown, Executive Director of California Math Project, was followed by an intersegmental faculty panel discussion (view discussion notes) on key math content and skills all high school graduates need to be prepared for college, the perception of calculus as gatekeeper for UC and CSU admissions, and math acceleration as a by-product of competitive admissions while implementing Common Core.

 Attendees chose from one of three concurrent afternoon sessions on instructional (view discussion notes), placement (view discussion notes) or transfer challenges (view discussion notes). Each session was facilitated by various educators, directors and specialists representing UC, CSU, community college and high school, with the goal of identifying areas that call for policy solutions.

UCAC 2014: Navigating Change

The inaugural UC Articulation Conferences were held at four UC campuses across California in October 2014 and focused on navigating the exciting changes that occurred in high school articulation during the 2015-16 school year. Participants learned about the release of the brand new A-G Course Management Portal, enhanced "a-g" course criteria and UC's role in supporting the state's transition to Common Core.

The morning sessions were tailored to specific educator and administrator roles and introduced theA-G Course Management Portal (CMP) that launched in February 2015. The redesigned A-G CMP includes streamlined processes for "a-g" course submissions and course list management, and provides registered users access to all approved "a-g" course descriptions, making the system a collaborative, statewide K-12 resource.

In the afternoon, participants chose from one of four interactive workshops focusing on the criteria and guidelines underlying the development of different types of "a-g" courses. The four workshops covered the basics of "a-g" courses, writing "a-g" course submissions, developing integrated courses, and online "a-g" courses.