UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI)

The UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) program was established in 2010 to foster the development of high school courses that integrate career technical education (CTE) with academic content to satisfy the "a-g" subject requirements for admission to UC and the California State University systems. The UCCI program’s main initiatives include the UCCI Institutes and the UCCI Teacher Exchange Program.

The UCCI Institutes

Beginning in 2014, the UCCI Institutes will be held at various locations around California, based on the needs of specific high schools and districts. At the Institutes, teachers will collaborate to develop the integrated courses that are needed to strengthen their school's course offerings. UCCI staff will facilitate this work, ensuring the courses meet the criteria for approval in the "a-g" subject areas.

UCCI Institutes are especially useful for schools and districts that are:

  • Participating in linked learning,
  • Interested in providing students with college and career preparation, and/or
  • Working to implement project-based learning.

These workshops are designed to give teachers the time and resources to create challenging and engaging integrated courses.

UCCI Teacher Exchange Program

UCCI Teacher Exchange events are designed to provide teachers with the time and space to prepare to teach UCCI courses. UCCI Teacher Exchange participants::

  • Receive a complete set of materials for implementing the first unit of the course;
  • Work directly with a UCCI Teacher Exchange Leader to test out projects in the course; and
  • Collaborate with colleagues to develop course curriculum beyond the first unit.

There is no cost for teacher participants to attend a UCCI Teacher Exchange, and a working lunch is provided. UCCI works with requesting schools/districts to pay the UCCI Teacher Exchange Leader a stipend for his/her work in preparing for and leading the Exchange.