Frequently asked questions

Does UC approve career technical education (CTE) courses to meet the “a-g” subject requirements?

UC has approved thousands of courses that integrated career technical and academic content to satisfy the “a-g” subject requirements. In fact, integrated courses have been approved in all seven “a-g” subject areas. Integrated courses are reviewed with the same criteria and process used for all other courses and "a-g" approval is based on the course meeting its designated subject area course criteria.

How can I access sample "a-g" approved CTE courses?

Use the Course Search feature on the A-G Course Management Portal (CMP) to access the course content for approved "a-g" courses. Searches can be refined to courses approved in specific industry sectors, career pathways and/or "a-g" subject areas.

Approved courses should not be duplicated word-for-word and submitted to UC, but customized to accurately reflect the resources and programs available at your individual institution site.

I am interested in creating an integrated course for “a-g” approval. Does UC sponsor workshops or trainings specifically designed for integrated course development?

At the UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Institutes, teachers will collaborate to develop the integrated courses that are needed to strengthen their school's course offerings. UCCI staff will facilitate this work, ensuring the courses meet the criteria for approval in the "a-g" subject areas.