CTE courses

UC is committed to advancing the development of integrated Career Technical Education (CTE) courses to prepare every student to succeed in the colleges and careers of our twenty-first century society.

Course criteria & guidance

Courses that integrate academic content knowledge with practical or work-related applications can be approved. Such courses must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Provide high-quality, challenging curricula that use and advance concepts and skills in the “a-g” subject areas;
  • Integrate academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge; and
  • Include tasks that are rich in opportunities to develop knowledge of tools, processes and materials; to engage in problem-solving and decision-making; and to explain what one is doing and why.

An approved CTE course should demonstrate a close connection and integration with the academic curriculum. Approved courses may be designed to emphasize academic concepts using career-related applications to make ideas accessible to students. Conversely, these courses may be designed using career and technical applications to provide an entry point for understanding theoretical or technical aspects of an academic discipline.

An approved CTE course may include relevant applications of academic content outside the classroom through work-based learning, challenging hands-on projects, service learning and/or project-based learning that integrate with the academic curriculum. It may utilize alternative assessments such as work products and/or project exhibitions in addition to more traditional forms of assessment such as unit exams, midterm and final exams, reports and culminating projects that may include both an oral presentation and a written report.

In addition to the course criteria above, CTE courses must also meet their respective “a-g” subject area’s course criteria.

Course review

CTE courses are reviewed using the same subject area course criteria as those used for all other "a-g" courses and follow the same path of submission and review as other new courses.