September 24, 1999


Dear Colleagues:

Enclosed are the Academic Salary Scales for 1999-00, with pay rates effective October
1, 1999.  A draft of these scales was sent to you on August 10, 1999 and, following a
period of employee notice, the scales are now being formally issued.  These scales
reflect the following application of range and parity adjustments:

   A cumulative 2.9 percent parity/range adjustment was applied to Professor and
   Lecturer SOE scales.  Please see the attached list showing all titles eligible for
   the combined 2.9 percent parity/range adjustment in 1999-2000 (Appendix 1).

   Included in the overall state budget for the University is sufficient funding for
   a 5 percent market adjustment for Specialists in Cooperative Extension.  This is
   the initial step in the University's plan to return the Specialists' salaries to
   equivalence with faculty contingent upon funding provided by the State.  This,
   combined with the 2 percent general range adjustment results in a cumulative 7
   percent market/range adjustment applied to the Specialist in Cooperative Extension
   Series (Table 32).

   Table 15 presents the new scale with ranges for the Professional Research Series,
   Fiscal Year.  The top of each range is equivalent to the Faculty -- Ladder Ranks --
   Professor Series, Fiscal Year salary for each step.  The bottom of each range is
   the October 1, 1998 scale for the Professional Research Series, Fiscal Year, range
   adjusted by 2 percent.  We anticipate that over the next few years all campuses
   will adjust salaries to the top of this range, at which point the range itself
   will be collapsed to a single rate.

   Student academic titles (Teaching Assistants and equivalents, Research Assistants,
   Readers, Graduate Student Researchers, Associates, Remedial Tutors, -- Tables 20,
   21, 22, 23, 24, and 25) were range adjusted by 2 percent.  For student employees
   in any of these titles who are exclusively represented, the application of the
   range adjustment is subject to the requirements of the Higher Education
   Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA).

   All other academic salary scales, including those for Librarians, Lecturers and
   other Non-Senate Instructional Unit members covered by a Memorandum of
   Understanding (MOU), have been range adjusted by 2 percent, across-the-board, for
   all ranks and steps.

   Off-scale salaries should receive the parity adjustment in the same manner as
   they are range adjusted.

   Above-scale faculty are to receive the combined parity/range adjustment in
   accordance with the average faculty parity/range of 2.9 percent.

The numbering format of the Academic Salary Scales has been adjusted this year, with
table numbers replacing page numbers.


                                                      /s/ Ellen S. Switkes

                                                    Ellen S. Switkes
                                                    Assistant Vice President
                                                    Academic Advancement


cc: Chancellors
    Provost King
    Senior Vice President Kennedy
    Associate Vice President Boyette
    Vice President Darling
    Vice President Gomes
    Vice President Hopper
    Graduate Deans

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