Salary Scale Salary Scale
10/1/01 10/1/02
Hourly Hourly
  With Baccalaureate 10.82   10.82
  Without Baccalaureate 10.27 10.27
Comp Group A61/B61
Annual 1/9 Monthly Quarterly Annual 1/9 Monthly Quarterly
Teaching Assistant**        28,290      3,143.33     9,430.00         28,290      3,143.33     9,430.00
Nursery School Assistant**        28,290      3,143.33     9,430.00         28,290      3,143.33     9,430.00
Community Teaching Fellow**        28,290      3,143.33     9,430.00         28,290      3,143.33     9,430.00
Teaching Fellow**        33,168      3,685.33   11,056.00         33,168      3,685.33   11,056.00
Comp Group A63/B63
*For employees in any of the above-referenced titles who are exclusively represented, the application of the Salary Scale is
subject to the requirements of the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA).
For any of the titles in this list that are covered by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the Salary Scale applies only to the
extent provided for in the MOU.
**Rates for Reader, Teaching Assistant, Nursery School Assistant, Community Teaching Fellow, and Teaching Fellow apply to
both represented and non-represented employees in these titles, except for represented and non-represented Teaching
Assistants (Graduate Student Instructors) and represented Readers, Nursery School Assistants, and Community Teaching
Fellows enrolled at the Berkeley campus.  For Berkeley campus rates for these exceptions, consult the Berkeley Academic
Personnel Office website.  An example of a non-represented employee is a Teaching Assistant whose work takes place
primarily outside of California.

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