September 26, 2002


Dear Colleagues:

Enclosed are the Academic Salary Scales for 2002-03, with pay rates effective
October 1, 2002. As a result of the California State budget for 2002-03, the
University did not receive range adjustment funds so the academic salary scales
will remain unchanged from 2001-02.

The Lecturer and Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment scales (Tables
12A and 12B) have been expanded to include the new titles of Lecturers and Senior
Lecturers with Potential Security of Employment -- 100% Time, following
Regents' approval of these titles for inclusion in the Academic Senate.

The scales for the Professional Research Series, Fiscal Year (Tables 15, 16),
continue to show salary ranges. All campuses must adjust salaries to the maximum
salary of the range for each step by October 1, 2004 for the Professional Research
scale (Table 15), and by October 1, 2005 for the Business/Management and Engineering
Professional Research scale (Table 16). By these dates, the range will be collapsed
into a single rate.

Academic salary scales for Lecturers and other Non-Senate Instructional Unit
members (Tables 17, 18, 19, 36, 37) who are exclusively represented are the
subject of ongoing collective bargaining negotiations and will be published
upon resolution of the negotiations. The new salary scale for the title Faculty
Fellow Researcher (Table 27) is tied to the Lecturer scale and will be published
upon resolution of the negotiations.

The salary scale for Librarians (Table 31, Scales 1 and 2) is used for represented
and non-represented librarians. Campuses may continue to transition Librarians
from Scale 1 to Scale 2 during this year pursuant to the MOU.

The salary scales for Academic Coordinators (Tables 39 and 40) reflect three
new levels for 2002-03. Campuses may continue to transition Academic Coordinators
to these levels through the 2002-03 year.

The Academic Salary Scales for 2002-03 is online at:


                                                       Ellen S. Switkes
                                                       Assistant Vice President
                                                       Academic Advancement


cc: Chancellors
    Provost King
    Senior Vice President Darling
    Senior Vice President Mullinix
    Vice President Drake
    Vice President Gomes
    Vice President Hershmann
    Associate Vice President Boyette
    Graduate Deans

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