Policy issuances, 2010 - present

Effective Date APM Description
7/1/19 120 Issued July 1, 2019, revised Academic Personnel Manual (APM) Section 120 is effective immediately.  The revisions to APM - 120 reflect technical changes made to comply with Regents Policy 1203: Policy on Emerita/Emeritus Title Suffix, Section C, Conferral on Academic Appointees.
7/1/19 715 Issued July 1, 2019, revised Academic Personnel Manual (APM) Section 715 is effective immediately.  Revisions to this policy reflect necessary technical changes to correct an inadvertent omission of language from APM - 715, specifically APM - 715-20-b, as previously issued on May 1, 2019.
5/1/19 710, 715, 730, and 760 Issued May 1, 2019, revised Academic Personnel Manual (APM) Sections 710, 715, 730 and 760, are effective immediately.   Revisions to APM - 710, Leaves of Absence/Sick Leave/Medical Leave; APM - 715, Leaves of Absence/Family and Medical Leave; APM - 730, Leaves of Absence/Vacation; and APM - 760, Family Accommodations for Childbearing and Childrearing, reflect technical changes made to comply with law and exisiting policy and to revise the language for clarity.
7/1/19 675 Issued April 1, 2019, new Academic Personnel Manual (APM) Section 675, Veterinary Medicine Salary Administration, is effective July 1, 2019. This policy replaces the Veterinary Medical School Strict Full-Time (SFT) Salary Plan approved by the UC Board of Regents on November 22, 1968.  The policy codifies salary administration for UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Faculty in the Academic Personnel Manual and provides eligible faculty with a salary framework distinct from other fiscal year faculty. 
3/7/19 110, 112,160, 220, 235 Technical revisions are issued effective March 7, 2019 for the following Academic Personnel Manual (APM) Sections:  APM - 110, Academic Personnel Definitions; APM - 112, Academic Titles; APM - 160, Academic Personnel Records/Maintenance of, Access to, and Opportunity to Request Amendment of; APM - 220, Professor Series; and APM - 235, Acting Appointments. The revisions to these policies are all purely technical revisions to reflect and conform with recent updates and revisions to other APM policies, and to correct minor grammatical and formatting inconsistencies.
2/1/19 028 Issued on February 1, 2019, APM - 028, Guidelines for Disclosure and Review of Financial Interest in Private Sponsors of Research is effective immediately.  The revisions rescind the substantive policy language of APM - 028.  The substantive policy language of APM - 028 has been replaced by the UC Policy on Disclosure of Financial Interests and Management of Conflicts of Interest in Private Sponsors of Research.  Still in effect are the Guidelines for Disclosure and Review of Principal Investigator's Financial Interest in Private Sponsors of Research contained in APM - 028.
10/1/18 285, 210-3, 133, 740, 135, 235 Issued on October 1, 2018 is the following suite of policies - collectively the "LSOE" policies. Each of the policies is effective October 1, 2018 and campuses will have until July 1, 2019 to fully implement the revised LSOE policies.  Key policy revisions:  The Lecturer with Security of Employment series is used for appointees whose primary responsibilities are teaching and teaching-related tasks.  Secondary required responsibilities include professional and/or scholarly activities, including creative activities, especially as they relate to instruction and pedagogy, and University and public service.  The series name of "Lecturer with Security of Employment Series" is retained.  The current titles will be retained with the ability to use a campuswide working title at campus discretion in accordance with APM - 285-8-f.  Clarifies that the Chancellor, in consultation with the Academic Senate, may establish a limit to the number of faculty hired into this series at the campus, school, or departmental level.  Revisions to review criteria include new language on "teaching excellence" that updates language on teaching expectations and to add specific criteria for review; revised language on "professional and/or scholarly achievement and activity" offers more specificity in the activities that would fit into this category; and "creative activities" are now acknowledged as appropriate contributions.  Revisions to APM - 740 offer sabbatical to LSOE faculty so that they may engage in intensive programs of study in order to be more effective teachers and scholars, with the goal of enhancing their teaching and scholarly responsibilities.  Regents' Standing Order 105.1 was revised September 27, 2018 to extend Academic Senate membership to all LSOE appointees regardless of their percentage of appointment. Revised APM - 285 extends Senate membership to titles in the LSOE series.
8/7/18 230, 650, and 760 Issued on August 7, 2018, technical revisions to sections of the Academic Personnel Manual (APM) 230, Visiting Appointments, APM - 650, Technical Assistance Projects; and APM - 760, Family Accommodations for Childbearing and Childrearing are effective immediately.  The revisions to APM - 230 and APM - 650 represent technical changes to comply with the new legal requirements of California Assembly Bill 168, effective 1/1/18, prohibiting an employer from seeking salary history information about an applicant for employment.  The revisions to APM - 760 are technical changes to equalize the active service-modified duties periods between semester and quarter campuses.
4/4/18 330 Issued on April 4, 2018, revised Section 330 of the Academic Personnel Manual (APM - 330), Specialist Series, is effective immediately.  The revisions represent technical changes to ensure uniformity between APM - 330 and the Specialist Series salary scales (Tables 24 and 24N), previously issued on July 1, 2017.  The July 1, 2017 salary scales added Steps VI through IX to the Specialist Series; however, the policy was not updated at that time to reflect the additional steps.  The revised policy adds Steps VI through IX to APM - 330-20, as well as the normative years at each step in accordance with the published Specialist Series salary scales.
7/1/17 015 and 016 Issued on May 12, 2017, revised Section 015 of the Academic Personnel Manual (APM - 015), The Faculty Code of Conduct and revised Section 016 (APM - 016), University Policy on Faculty Conduct and the Administration of Discipline are effective July 1, 2017.  APM - 015 and 016 were revised based on recommendations made by a Joint Committee of the Administration and Academic Senate on Faculty Discipline.  The committee was appointed by the President of the University of California to examine how the University manages proceedings for faculty respondents in cases alleging sexual violence or sexual harassment.  In addition to changes made to APM - 015 and 016 based on the committee's recommendations, revisions were also made to APM - 015 to add the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) related protections to existing language regarding non-discrimination and anti-harassment under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. See issuance letter for additional details.
7/1/17 278, 210-6, 279, 350, 112 Issued on April 28, 2017, APM section 278, Health Sciences Clinical Professor Series; section 210-6, Instructions to Review Committees That Advise on Actions Concerning the Health Sciences Clinical Professor Series; section 279, Volunteer Clinical Professor Series; new section 350, Clinical Associate; and section 112, Academic Titles, are effective July 1, 2017, with APM - 350 and APM - 112 to be implemented on that date.  Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) campuses and schools will have up to one year, until July 1, 2018, to create new procedures or revise existing procedures to implement APM - 278, APM - 210-6 and APM - 279.  These will include conditions that are appropriate for current Health Sciences Clinical Professors and Volunteer Clinical Professors to transfer to administration under the revised policies or to transfer to the applicable title under policy criteria matching duties, review criteria, and appointment dates.  See issuance letter for additional details.
11/1/16 190, Appendix G Issued on November 10, 2016 APM section 190, Appendix G, Program Description Retirement Contributions on Academic Appointee Summer Salary, is effective November 1, 2016.  The revisions to this APM section align policy for administering summer salary benefits for all faculty and academic appointees with the new retirement plan options that became available to those employed on July 1, 2016 or later.  See issuance letter for additional details.
10/1/16 360, 210-4 Issued on September 30, 2016 APM sections 360, Librarian Series and 210-4, Instructions to Review Committees that Advise on the Appointment, Merit Increase, Promotion, Career Status Actions for Members of Librarian Series, are effective October 1, 2016.  The revisions to these APM sections governing non-represented librarians strengthen these important policies and clarify terms related to appointment, advancement, and personnel review procedures.  Revisions aligned policy language, in most but not all places, with the terms and conditions of the October 1, 2013 collective bargaining agreement between UC and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) governing represented librarians. In addition to the new definition of librarian, policy revisions cover the criteria for appointment, terms of service, merit increases, promotion, appointment or advancement to career status, and review procedures.  See issuance letter for additional details.
9/1/15 133-17-g-i, 210-1-c-4, 220-18-b, 760-30-a Issued on August 20, 2015 APM sections 133-17-g-i, Limitation on Total Period of Service with Certain Academic Titles; 210-1-c-4, Review and Appraisal Committees; 220-18-b, Professor Series; and 760-30-a, Family Accommodations for Childbearing and Childrearing, are effective September 1, 2015.  The revisions to four separate APM sections strengthen these important and longstanding University policies and clarify a range of reasons for which faculty may request and receive approval to stop the tenure clock.  While current policy provides for an automatic exclusion from service limitations when leave is related to childbearing and childcare, a faculty member may now request to stop the clock for a serious personal health condition, for illness of or bereavement of a family member, or other significant circumstance or event.
7/1/15 670 Approved by The Regents on July 23, 2015 and issued June 24, 2015, revised APM - 670, Health Sciences Compensation Plan, is effective July 1, 2015.  APM - 670, Appendix B, Guidelines on Occasional Professional Activities by Health Sciences Compensation Plan Participants (July 2012) is now replaced by APM - 671, Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Health Sciences Compensation Plan Participants (July 2014). As of July 1, 2015, APM - 670, Appendix B no longer applies to any faculty members and thus should be retired.  This is the only revision to APM - 670 issued on July 24, 2015 and effective July 1, 2015.
7/1/15 210-1-d Issued June 29, 2015, revised APM - 210-1-d, Review and Appraisal Committees, is effective July 1, 2015.  New language clarifies the intent of the existing language and strengthens the principle that diversity functions as a component of excellence at the University of California.
7/1/15 080 Issued June 8, 2015, revised APM - 080, Medical Separation is effective July 1, 2015.  Revisions to the policy 1) bring APM - 080 into conformance with Regents Standing Order 101.1(b), Employment Status, 2) clarify authority to medically separate faculty with and without tenure or security of employment and appointees who are not members of the Academic Senate, and 3) update language so that it is congruent with the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).
7/1/15 330 Issued May 18, 2015, revised APM - 330, Specialists Series, is effective July 1, 2015.  All Specialists appointed on or after July 1, 2015 are subject to the revised policy.  All Specialists with appointments beginning before July 1, 2015 are subject to the new policy with the exception of provisions for appointment and advancement criteria (APM - 330-10), qualification (APM - 330-11), and recommendation and review (APM - 330-80).
5/1/15 190, Appendix A APM - 190, Appendix A, Whistleblower Policy and Whistleblower Protection Policy replaces APM - 190, Appendices A-1 and A-2.  New Appendix A directs faculty and other academic appointees to the revised Presidential policies.
7/1/14 290, 510, and Section IV (600 - Series)

Revised APM - 290, Regents’ Professors and Regents’ Lecturers, APM - 510, Intercampus Transfers, and APM Section IV, Salary Administration (APM - 600 Series).

APM - 290, - 510, and Section IV (600 - Series) are issued effective July 1, 2014.

Simultaneous revision to the 20 policies in Sections 290, 510, and IV was prompted in part by the UC Path initiative so that procedural information contained within the policies is up-to-date, clear, and consistent from policy to policy.

7/1/14 025, 670, and 671

Revised APM - 025, Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members; Revised APM - 670, Health Sciences Compensation Plan; and new APM - 671, Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Health Sciences Compensation Plan Participants.

APM - 025, -670, and new -671 are issued effective July 1, 2014, with APM - 025 and -670 to be implemented immediately and APM - 671 to be implemented no later than July 1, 2015. 

The general intent of APM - 025 and APM - 671 is to ensure that when a faculty member participates in activities outside of the University the activities do not interfere with fulfilling the individual’s responsibilities to the University. To enhance clarity and to foster consistent interpretation, revisions to current  APM - 025 and the creation of APM - 671 result in mutually exclusive policies such that HSCP faculty are subject to APM - 671, and all other faculty (including Health Sciences faculty who are not HSCP participants) are subject to APM - 025.

2/25/14 035, Appendix A

New APM - 035, Appendix A, Affirmative Action and Nondiscrimination in Employment.

APM - 035, Appendix A is issued effective February 25, 2014.  The Presidential policy applies to all University employees, which includes all faculty and other academic appointees, students, and staff.  APM -035, Appendices A-1 & A-2 have been replaced with new Appendix A, which directs faculty and academic appointees to the Presidential policy. 

1/1/14 241

Revised APM - 241, Faculty Administrators (Positions Less Than 100% Time)

APM - 241 is issued effective January 1, 2014.  Revisions bring APM - 241 into alignment with Regents Policy 2307 and the Compendium of Universitywide Review Processes for Academic Programs, Academic Units, and Research Units (currently under review).

7/19/13 015

Revised APM - 015, The Faculty Code of Conduct

APM - 015 is issued July 19, 2013 with the following revisions. At its meeting on June 12, 2013, the Assembly of the Academic Senate approved language revising Section 015 of the APM to include within the protections of academic freedom the freedom to speak on matters of institutional policy when acting as a member of the faculty whether or not as a member of an agency of institutional governance.

Additionally, technical revisions conform with California state law referenced in the July 2012 issuance of APM - 035, Affirmative Action and Nondiscrimination in Employment. Revisions reflect changes in California's Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), California Government Code Section 12900 et seq., which prohibits discrimination in employment. The California Legislature had amended FEHA to clarify that discrimination on the basis of "gender" and "gender expression" are among the prohibited types of discrimination. Revisions also were made to insure that the definition of "service in the uniformed services" is consistent with both the federal Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA) and California's Military and Veterans Code Section 394. 

7/1/13 430

APM - 430, Visiting Scholars and Other Visitors

Academic Personnel Policy 430 is issued effective July 1, 2013.  There are many instances in which persons without formal status as a UC student, faculty member, or academic appointee may engage in short-term academic and cultural activities at the University of California, some of which lie outside of APM - 430.  The purpose of APM - 430 is to define the type of visitor for which this policy applies and to establish the status of the individual visiting the University of California and the rights and responsibilities of both the visitor and the University. 

7/1/13 700

Revised APM - 700, Leaves of Absence/General

Academic Personnel Policy 700, Leaves of Absence/General, Presumptive Resignation is issued effective July 1, 2013.  This policy addresses circumstances under which an academic appointee chooses not to return to his/her University appointment following the expiration of a leave of absence, or chooses to be absent from that appointment without obtaining prior approval for a leave.  The Presumptive Resignation policy is designed to prompt an appointee in such circumstances to take affirmative steps to counter the University’s presumption that the appointee’s intention is to resign the University appointment.



Revised APM - 670, Health Sciences Compensation Plan

This is the first policy revision since APM - 670 was originally adopted in 1999. In addition to the detailed changes listed below, the policy was reorganized to be consistent with other University policy that has changed in the last decade; there were also updates to out-of-date language (including the sections on budget and accounting). Below is a summary of revisions to APM - 670 including key sections that remain unchanged.


  • The Regents retain their present authority to amend or repeal the Plan.
  • The reporting requirement is maintained. The President will continue to report to The Regents total compensation for any Plan participant which is greater than four times the highest step on the Professor Series Fiscal Year Salary Scale.
  • The President retains authority to approve participating school Implementation Procedures, the inclusion or exclusion of schools in the Plan, and to issue administrative guidelines further refining the Plan. Revisions specify that the President may delegate this authority to the Provost.
  • The President delegates certain administrative responsibilities to the Chancellors which include authority to approve exceptions to the provisions of the Plan to meet special teaching, research, or clinical service requirements and to issue guidelines related to the assignment of academic programmatic units (APUs). An APU is a group of faculty with similar clinical, teaching, and research responsibilities.

Compensation and Benefits

  • There are no changes to faculty salary rates, amounts or method of calculation.
  • The Guidelines on Outside Professional Activity were not changed but have been moved to Appendix B.
  • A section is added to provide guidance related to the assignment of APUs which determine a faculty member's position on the Health Sciences Salary Scale.
  • New language brings APM - 670 into conformance with the APM - 700 series and clarifies terms of leaves for sabbatical, leave with salary, extended illness, and childbearing and childrearing.

Consultation between Faculty and Administration

  • The section on Good Standing criteria is moved from the Guidelines on Outside Professional Activity to the body of the policy to underscore its importance. Additional language supplements the definition of Good Standing and the responsibilities of faculty.
  • The faculty-administration consultation process is enhanced by moving from the Guidelines to the body of the policy the requirement for participating schools to establish a Dean's Advisory Committee.
  • The role of the Advisory Committee is expanded to include review of school Implementation Procedures, Good Standing Criteria, any faculty complaints, and any issues related to the assignment of APUs and/or outside professional activities.

Other Revisions

  • A new section clarifies the procedure for faculty complaints and appeals.
  • New language clarifies recall appointments, percentage of appointment for eligibility, and joint appointments.
  • New language clarifies the annual written confirmation of salary.
  • There is a new implementation section with procedures for updating campus documents when Plan revisions are approved.
  • Language is corrected to reflect that the Plan is implemented at the school (discipline-specific) level rather than at the campus level.


Revised APM - 035, Affirmative Action and Nondiscrimination in Employment

Technical revisions to reflect changes in California's Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), California Government Code Section 12900 et seq., which prohibits discrimination in employment. The California Legislature recently amended FEHA to clarify that discrimination on the basis of "gender" and "gender expression" are among the prohibited types of discrimination. Revisions also were made to insure that the definition of "service in the uniformed services" is consistent with both the federal Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act of 1994 (USERRA) and California's Military and Veterans Code Section 394.


APM-190, Appendix A-1

Revised APM - 190, Appendix A-1, Policy on Reporting and Investigating Allegations of Suspected Improper Governmental Activities (Whistleblower Policy)

The Whistleblower Policy quotes California Government Code Section 8547.2. The revisions reflect changes that the California Legislature recently made to that Code Section.



Academic Personnel Policy 240, Deans, is issued effective January 1, 2010. APM-240 will apply to all full-time Deans, with the exception of those reporting directly to a Chancellor; those with the concurrent title of Vice Chancellor; University Extension Deans; and Student Affairs Deans. 

APM-240 is implemented to return Deans from the Senior Management Group (SMG) personnel program to the academic personnel program. In conjunction with APM-240, a new Deans Salary Structure has been developed and approved by The Regents at their November meeting, effective January 1, 2010. The new salary structure defines Chancellorial authority to determine decanal salaries based on compensable factors and market competitiveness, Regental reporting requirements, and the three-tiered salary band structure.



Revisions to APM - 028 have been made to reflect changes in statute and regulations governing reporting of financial interests by researchers at California public universities, changes in job titles at the University of California, and non-substantive grammatical improvements.


APM: Sections 015, Part II: 035-0; 0-36-0; 140-33-b; 160, Appendix A; 220-4-b; 230-20-h; and 310-17-c

The revisions to these APM sections represent technical changes to conform these policies to other University policies or to changes in legal definitions.


APM 241 - New; APM 246 - New; APM 245 - Revised; APM 633 - Revised; APM 242 - Rescinded; APM 630 - Rescinded; APM 632 - Rescinded

Effective July 1, 2010 is Academic Personnel policy creating APM - 241, Faculty Administrators [Positions Less Than 100%] and APM - 246, Faculty Administrators [100% Time]; and revising APM - 245, Department Chairs and APM - 633, Stipends/Academic Appointees. The following APM sections are hereby rescinded: APM - 242, Directors of Organized Research Units; APM - 630, Compensation of Divisional, Associate, and Assistant Deans, and Directors of Organized Research Units; and APM - 632, Stipends/Assignment of FTE for Split Appointments.

The Faculty Administrator policies are the culmination of a comprehensive review of academic personnel policy, beginning with the deans, to return authority to the Chancellors for academic leadership and management decisions. These policies describe the role of faculty administrators as senior academic and administrative leaders; they provide the framework for all faculty administrator titles; clarify criteria for appointment; eligibility for service; terms of service; salary; conditions of employment; benefits and privileges; and review procedures.



Revised APM - 075, Part III C.1 corrects the reference from Senate Bylaw 335 to Bylaw 337 for Privilege and Tenure Committee early termination cases.



Revised APM – 110-4 (3), Academic Administrative Officers, adds Deans, Vice Provosts and College Provosts to the definition of Academic Administrative Officers not in the Senior Management Group to conform to recent revisions in APM-240 and the new APM-246; and 110-4 (21), House Staff; 110-4 (23), Medical Resident; 110-4 (37) Residents moves the definition of House Staff in APM-110-4(21) and Medical Resident in APM-110-4(23), to a combined definition under the term, Residents, listed in APM-110-4 (37), since Resident is the appropriate term to be used for such appointees.



Revised APM-140-33(b.)(2.)(a), Non-Senate Academic Appointees/Grievances adds Medical Separation to the list of those issues which may be appealed for Step III-B hearing consideration, to conform with APM-80-3-b. and c., Medical Separation policy.



Revised 230- 4(b), Definition and Policy adds Project Scientist to the list of titles to which the visiting prefix may be attached. Revised 230-17, Terms of Service In order to allow campuses more flexibility to make decisions regarding Visiting Appointments for their locations, adds that the Chancellor may make terms of consecutive service longer than two years for Visiting titles and longer than three years for Visiting Assistant Professor Programs in Mathematics.



Revised APM-240, Deans and APM-246, Faculty Administrators (100% Time). Revised sections 240-18-e. and 246-18-e., Salary, Additional University Compensation clarifies that deans and faculty administrators (100% time) are covered by other additional compensation policies found in the APM, in addition to those sources of additional compensation noted in APM-240-18-e. and 246-18-e. Revised sections 240- 20-c.(2) and 246-20-c.(2), Conditions of Employment, Conflict of Commitment and Outside Professional Activities Conforms Deans and Faculty Administrators (100% Time) policies to the APM-025 requirement that there be annual reporting of compensated outside professional activities to the Chancellor. Revised section 240-60 -c.(1), Deans, Benefits and Privileges clarifies that the policy regarding the basis for accrual of deans’ sabbatical leave credit is based upon the underlying faculty appointment rate in accordance with APM-740. Revised APM-246-60 (b.), Faculty Administrators (100% Time), Benefits and Privileges corrects a typographical error in current policy.



Revised APM-500-16 (c.), Recruitment - General, Restrictions corrects the web reference for Association of American Universities member institutions and updates Exhibit A, the AAU Membership list.



Revised APM-530, Nonresidents, formerly entitled "Noncitizens," was issued last in 1964, pre-dating significant federal regulatory changes governing nonresident work authorization, permanent residency, visa classification requirements, and the establishment of campus International Students and Scholars Offices to manage University sponsorship of nonresident academic employees. Since the revisions reflect changes in federal regulations and terminology, with no substantive policy or practice changes, the revisions were issued as a technical correction. The revised APM - 530 does not alter in any manner current campus policy and practice related to the sponsorship of nonresident and pending permanent resident academic employees.



APM - 710-11 (a & b), Leaves of Absence/Sick Leave/Medical Leave. This section of the policy was updated to correct the references from APM - 110-14 to APM - 110-15 to define members of the faculty.



Technical revisions including elimination of -22, Recall of Academic Appointees policy and Appendices A and B



New policy for the Recall of Academic Appointees; incorporates former APM – 200-22 and Appendices A and B