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Announcements & updates

Pharmacy benefits

Starting with the 2013-2014 plan year, Ventegra is your UC SHIP pharmacy benefit administrator. This change streamlines administration and improves medication safety for UC SHIP members.

You can contact Ventegra at 1-877-867-0943 or login to find out more about your pharmacy benefits.

Health Care Reform

UC SHIP complies with major Affordable Care Act (ACA) benefits.  UC SHIP already offers coverage for:

  • Free preventive exams and associated lab work at campus student health services
  • Free preventive immunizations
  • Free FDA-approved generic contraceptive drugs and devices (brand name if generic is not available)
  • Essential Health Benefits, as listed by Health and Human Services

Highlights of 2013-2014 ACA-compliant enhancements:

  • NO annual or lifetime caps on medical and behavioral health benefits
  • NO cap on pharmacy prescription drug benefits
  • NO caps on Essential Health Benefits