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2013 Business Officer Institute Post-Work and Follow-Up Actions

Congratulations on successfully completing the Business Officer Institute!

Based on your initial evaluations and feedback, BOI accomplished its intended goals. Now you have returned to your location, it is our expectation that you will be able to use the knowledge you gained at BOI immediately. To assist in this task below are a series of post BOI actions that can help you to apply and practice the BOI competencies.

If you did not have an opportunity to complete the BOI Pre-Work actions, please begin the BOI Post-Work by doing so. The BOI Post-Work and Follow-up actions are based on the presentations and scenarios you saw and participated in at BOI.

Control Environment

A BOI Challenge:

Conduct Your Own Controls Review

  • Identify an important business process in your area
  • Apply the concepts from the Control Framework
  • What is the business objective?
  • Where is the risk?
  • What are the controls?
  • Evaluate the results… take action if needed!

Financial Management

Locate and review the Financial Management Guide for your location. If you have difficulty finding this resource on line, speak with someone in your location’s Controller, Accounting or Audit Office.

The UC Budget Process at Your Location

Contact a representative from your location’s Budget Office. Ask for copy of the Budget Guidance for preparing your location’s Budget cycle and process for this year including worksheets and deadlines.

Set up meeting with your Unit/Department Manager for the purpose of reviewing how the location Budget Cycle and Guidance applies to your Unit/Department.

Risk Management

Complete a Unit/Department Risk Assessment and initiate corrective action as appropriate

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Managing Information Assets

Review BOI Presentation Slides 41-47 on these topics and take action where needed:

  • Use/store restricted/sensitive information very carefully/sparingly
  • Good password practices
  • Secure transmission: VPN, https, ssh …
  • Be very cautious with email and web
  • Encrypt (or de-identify) data on mobile devices and store definitive copy elsewhere
  • Archive information on professionally managed systems
  • Keep critical software up to date by patches and virus protection

Sponsored Projects

Contact a representative in the Sponsored Projects Office at your location and discuss what you learned at BOI. Ask about the top 2 or 3 issues which require most of their time and effort.

Human Resources

Add this link as a favorite to be a resource and to keep up you to date on Human Resource issues:



Complete the any required training:



Find and review the Principles of Community on you Location website.


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