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C. The Future Role Of Behavioral Medicine

Narrator: This is Science Today. Behavioral medicine, which focuses on how a person's own behavior relates to their health, is a growing field within the medical community. While such research continues in the area of heart disease and cancer, behavioral scientist Margaret Chesney of the University of California, San Francisco says new issues must also be addressed.

Chesney: We should be thinking about what are the leading causes of death and disability for people across the lifespan and what is the importance of behavior in those other arenas?

Narrator: In little children for example, Chesney says the leading cause of death and disability tends to be accidents.

Chesney: We should be doing research to see are there things that we can do to reduce the incidents of accidents and injuries.

Narrator: And that includes looking into aspects of firearm use.

Chesney: This is a tremendous cause of disability and injury to little people in our country and is this something that medicine should be attentive to and is it something that behavioral medicine should focus on? It's areas like that where we can maybe make a big difference. 0:16

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.