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C. A Less Invasive Way To Treat Liver Cancer

Narrator: This is Science Today. There's a new treatment for patients with liver cancer, which doctors at the University of California, San Francisco say, may improve quality of life. Dr. Alan Siperstein says the treatment uses heat to kill cancer cells and is applied using a small needle during laproscopic surgery.

Siperstein: Laproscopic surgery is being able to look within the abdominal cavity with a camera, so a very small half-inch incision is made in the abdominal wall. The needle itself is about the diameter of a pencil lead.

Narrator: Siperstein says the surgery is minimally invasive and preserves liver function.

Siperstein: Many of the other treatment modalities, for example, resection of liver tumors, involves resecting the tumor, but also a significant amount of normal liver tissue. What is advantageous about this procedure is that we destroy the tumor itself and a thin rim of surrounding liver tissue so that we don't have an impact on overall liver function.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.