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D. A Realistic View Of Disease Prevention

Narrator: This is Science Today. We're all, as a society, interested in preventing the onset of disease for obvious reasons. But Mary Haan, an expert on aging at the University of California, Davis says when it come to the aging population, it may be better to try to postpone, rather than prevent disease for the most obvious reason of all.

Haan: Everybody's going to die and most people will get sick before they die and we have to be prepared as a society to deal with that - with the costs of that and with services that will be in place to help support people as they become more frail.

Narrator: One way to prevent frailty and the loss of functional ability, is to promote more intervention programs - especially exercise.

Haan: Exercise programs are wonderful for older people. There is some inevitable decline in muscle strength and composition with age but what we're learning now is how we can prevent the decline that goes with that and exercise training is one way.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.