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D. Wine Throughout The Ages

Narrator: This is Science Today. While the health benefits of drinking wine have been getting a lot of press in recent times, its positive attributes towards health have long been regarded throughout history. Louis Grivetti, a professor of nutrition at the University of California, Davis says Ancient Egyptians used wine medicinally.

Grivetti: Wine leaves were a common ingredient in ointment and salves. Wine was drunk medicinally to control urine output, to kill tapeworm, to treat loss of appetite. Medicated wines were administered during childbirth.

Narrator: Red wine helps reduce cholesterol and some studies have found that alcohol in moderation may protect against future heart attacks. But just like the past, Grivetti says there's always some debate.

Grivetti: Wine has been likened to a chemical symphony, bottled poetry, captured sunshine, the milk of old age. But wine has also been called the destroyer of homes, the opener of graves, the quencher of hopes. And perhaps no other food, whether animal, vegetable or mineral, whether solid or liquid, can claim this dichotomy.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.