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E. Breaking Down Barriers In Cancer Research

Narrator: This is Science Today. While scientific discoveries continue to offer potential therapies for cancer, researchers say progress may be slowed by the population's reluctance to participate in clinical trials. Dr. Debu Tripathy of the University of California, San Francisco says sometimes this reluctance is due to cultural differences.

Tripathy: For example, I think in some cultures there might be a lot of distrust of the Western medical community or distrust of being used as a guinea pig.

Narrator: Tripathy says there may also be socio-economic barriers, such as not being able to afford child care or transportation. These issues, Tripathy says are being addressed in a four year study which aims to break these barriers and hopefully, increase enrollment in clinical trials.

Tripathy: As we go forward with all these exciting new scientific findings, it's very important that the very act of testing them in the clinic and doing well designed clinical trials that not only meet the scientific objectives, but also meet the objectives of the population that we're trying to test. So I think it's a big challenge that we have ahead in the field of cancer.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.