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B. A Solid Solution For Heavy Traffic

Narrator: This is Science Today. As many commuters know, getting stuck in traffic is not the most pleasurable experience. Although clogged roadways are most often caused by accidents or congestion, researcher Bill Carey of the Los Alamos National Laboratory says road work related to failing concrete also effects traffic.

Carey: There are billions of dollars spent on concrete every year and that really doesn't even include the traffic hassles and delays associated with redoing roads, repaving them.

Narrator: Carey and his colleagues are aiming to develop better concrete mixtures and have already come up with a chemical stain test which can be used in a preventative way by detecting future cracks.

Carey: This area, moving into developing high performance concretes that last, that are more durable, that are stronger, we think is a really promising area and an area where we can really do some good for the country as a whole.

Narrator: Carey says the next stage is getting their stain test marketed as a hands-on kit for highway and construction workers. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.