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B. A Powerful, Less Toxic Drug For AIDS Patients

Narrator: This is Science Today. Kaposi's Sarcoma, the most common AIDS related cancer, has been found to respond well to a less toxic chemotherapy drug called DOXIL. Dr. Ronald Mitsuyasu, director of UCLA's Clinical AIDS Research and Education found DOXIL to be just as powerful as combination drugs.

Mitsuyasu: Those patients who got the single drug had about the same response rate, maybe slightly lower, and the time to response was also somewhat shorter, but the toxicity trade-off was considerably greater with the three drugs than with the one drug.

Narrator: Mitsuyasu says this is important since most people think malignancies should be treated very aggressively.

Mitsuyasu: In most AIDS related malignancies, that is not necessarily the case. It may very well be that lesser treatments, ie. treatments that will control symptoms and allow people to live their lives normally, is as important as trying to get rid of the tumor completely.

Narrator: DOXIL is currently being studied for other tumors as well. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.