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A. The Magic Wand Of The Future

Narrator: This is Science Today. Imagine a surgical future without stitches or scarring? Well, researcher Luiz Da Silva of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory says such an idea has been in the works a while.

Da Silva: It's kind of the vision we all have. You walk into the emergency room with a big cut, the doctor pulls out a magic wand, waves it over the cut and you walk away healed.

Narrator: The magic wand would be a laser which would seal tissues together with a strong solder made of human proteins.

Da Silva: The consistency is like egg white. It does a better mating of the two surfaces - that's important in the whole healing and welding process. The solder just basically acts, we hope, for a week or two weeks, eventually the body takes over and starts to really put in the correct bonding and welding.

Narrator: The main problem now is the strength of the solder, which Da Silva is working to improve.

Da Silva: Until it's 100 percent and has comparable strength to sutures, there's going to be a real barrier to getting it into the clinical.

Narrator: Once that barrier is overcome, Da Silva says the potential market is huge. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.