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C. A New Hope For Breast Surgery

Narrator: This is Science Today. As less invasive surgery becomes more of an option in medicine, researchers at the University of California, Davis are working to improve breast conservation therapy. Dr. Philip Schneider says one of the more efficient ways may be using radio frequency, which destroys breast tumors with direct heat.

Schneider: The treatment of the tumor itself can be with radio frequency destruction, which is through a puncture, rather than an incision and then the treatment of the breast and the lymph nodes in the armpit area can be done with radiation therapy. 0:14

Narrator: Schneider says the general advances would be less invasive surgery with radiation therapy.

Schneider: And the newer advances in diagnosis and treatment should allow a totally non-surgical approach to some breast cancers. We're not the only ones looking at this, there is some interest with laser heating. I happen to think radio frequency is more efficient and perhaps more adaptable to larger tumors. 0:17

Narrator: Still, Schneider says progress with radio frequency may be slow since current treatments seem to be so successful. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.