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† E. New Hope In Fighting Prostate Cancer

Narrator: This is Science Today. In this year alone, approximately 350 to 400 thousand men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. According to Dr. Eric Small, a urologic oncologist at the University of California, San Francisco, another 40 thousand men will die of the disease.

Small: Itís the most common cancer, itís the second most common cause of cancer death. Most men with prostate cancer die because the disease metastasizes and once metastatic, itís incurable.

Narrator: Small and his colleagues at UCSFís Cancer Center are working to develop a vaccine-type approach against the metastasized disease in which a patientís own immune cells are essentially "taught" to specifically target prostate cancer cells in the body.

Small: Our approach here will be on the one hand, look at treatment of patients with metastatic disease. On the other hand, will be to try and prevent that. In either case, the preventative part truly falls more under the rubric of vaccine, so this holds great promise.

Narrator: For Science Today, Iím Larissa Branin