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  C. Buying Time For Stroke Victims

Narrator: This is Science Today. There’s a promising new therapy in clinical trial at UCLA for stroke victims called neuroperfusion. According to neurosurgeon John Frazee, this therapy reverses the flow of a patient’s own blood towards the oxygen-starved brain.

Frazee: We’re taking blood from the patient, an artery in the groin, and using a pump to pull that blood away from the patient and they pass that blood up into the veins that go to the brain. 047 So we’re buying time in essence, putting the brain on a bypass in a sense of the word.

Narrator: And time is of essence when a person suffers from a stroke but Frazee says one of the problems people don’t recognize the symptoms because they’re not painful.

Frazee: That often puts people off ... a heart attack, usually there’s pain in the chest or in the neck or the arm, so they get excited, but with patient’s who are paralyzed or lost vision, they have this tendency to just sit and not do anything for a while to see if it will resolve.

Narrator: Instead, Frazee says get to the hospital as soon as the symptoms start. For Science Today, I’m Larissa Branin.