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† B. A Gene Which Controls Weight

Narrator: This is Science Today. A gene which has been found to control weight gain has been discovered by University of California, Davis researchers. Professor Craig Warden, who led the study says although the main goal is to control obesity, researchers will also be looking to help people who canít gain weight.

Warden: Body weight regulation is both up and down...I mean, thin and fat. And perhaps people who are anorexic may have problems in the same genes as people who are overweight. These problems may be just because they have different forms of those genes ... one promoting weight gain and one promoting weight loss.

Narrator: Warden says the gene he helped discover controls what are called uncoupling proteins, which are responsible for burning calories.

Warden: People eating the same diet, even the same percent of calories of fat in their diet, might differ greatly in their weight because one has more of this uncoupling protein than the other.

Narrator: The goal Warden says, is to develop drugs which can activate these calorie burning proteins by either turning them up or down. For Science Today, Iím Larissa Branin.