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† B. Working Out Instead of Stressing Out

Narrator: This is Science Today. University of California, Berkeley Psychologist Sally Adams says how a woman deals with stress can greatly effect her health.

Adams: Many stress responses that women show, might either be favorable to health or unfavorable, for instance, if a person is stressed out and so they go out and they run around the block or get some exercise, or do something that helps them. That might have a very different effect than someone coming home and saying OK, Iím ready for x, y and z.

Narrator: Especially if x, y and z is a drink, a cigarette or a pint of ice-cream. Adams says stress responses of this type will not result in a favorable health outcome.

Adams: So thatís basic health education that unfortunately, isnít emphasized enough often times in how to deal with stress.

Narrator: Illnesses related to stress include heart disease, ulcers and respiratory problems. For Science Today, Iím Larissa Branin.