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First implantable artificial kidney on fast track for implementation

Narrator:        This is Science Today. A University of California, San Francisco-led effort to create the world's first implantable artificial kidney is on the fast track for implementation. Project leader Shuvo Roy says the device has been tapped for an accelerated review by the Food and Drug Administration. Their groundbreaking device has a filter component, as well as a cell therapy component and uses micro-electromechanical systems or MEMS technology.

Roy:                And the MEMS technology has the attraction that it's very manufacturable technology. So, it's not like we're making these special membranes using tools that we'll have to worry about scale-up. We're actually using production-level tools that we can translate into manufacturing later on. Now, some of that work that has to be done is basically to validate the safety of the MEMS materials inside our body and we've had some very encouraging results and much of the timeline ahead of us is really about scale-up and safety testing before we take it to the first patient.

Narrator:        For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.