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An efficient new window coating technology

Narrator:       This is Science Today. When it comes to the use of new window coating technologies to improve a building's efficiency, keeping costs down is a big concern. Researchers led by Delia Milliron at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have designed a cost-effective new material made of a thin coating of nanocrystals that's embedded in glass and can dynamically modify sunlight as it passes through a window.  

Milliron:         Our coatings are made entirely from solution and that's all the way from the synthesis of the materials to actually preparing the coatings on the glass. A big issue for new window coating technologies is to make sure that the cost is low enough that it's available to all of the people who might want to buy it and improve the efficiency of their buildings. So, we're really excited about our technology using a solution-based process because that has the potential to really bring the cost down to the point where it can be deployed broadly in the market.

Narrator:       Even more exciting is that this discovery may go beyond windows, as it could also be applied in battery materials.  For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.