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  Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health

Narrator:        This is Science Today. Epidemiologists at the University of California, Berkeley Center for Environmental Research and Children's Health have been studying the health effects of certain chemicals used in consumer products. Researcher Jonathan Chevrier says the group has found a link between BPA, a chemical often used often in hard plastics and tin cans, and thyroid hormone changes in pregnant women and newborn boys.

Chevrier:        What we need to look at also is, what are the downstream health effects? If there is a true effect on the thyroid hormone, the next step is we know that thyroid hormone is important for a number of health outcomes. How about their relationship between exposure to BPA and these health outcomes?

Narrator:        This same group of researchers has previously found a link between thyroid hormone levels and PDBEs, a class of flame retardants.

Chevrier:        There are bills that are in front of Congress here in California to try and change the fire safety regulation, so that there could be other ways to protect people from fire without using chemicals.

Narrator:        For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.