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D. Satellite Imagery May Change the Future of Remote Sensing

Narrator: This is Science Today. Geography professors and students at the University of California , Santa Barbara will have virtually unlimited access to previously inaccessible high resolution satellite imagery of North American data sets. David Siegel, who directs the campus' Institute for Computational Earth System Science, says the campus has partnered with a private company in Santa Barbara called Terra Image USA.

Siegel: They could see that there weren't any new students being trained to use it and there weren't professors using it and they went through and looked at why and it's because the costs are just exorbitant.

Narrator: Siegel says access could change the way UC Santa Barbara, a leader in earth remote science, teaches remote sensing.

Siegel: We could redesign our curriculum so that the way that the one year sequence works in remote sensing, the first is how to look at aerial photography; the second one is how satellites work; and the third is doing digital remote sensing in the laboratory. We have the ability to task the satellite to sample where we want and so you can order an image. So there's this huge opportunity.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.