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Science and food: physical, molecular origins of what we eat

Narrator:       This is Science Today. At UCLA, there's a biophysics class that incorporates food as a way to better understand different scientific concepts. Integrated biologist Amy Rowat says her course is called "Science and Food, the Physical and Molecular Origins of What We Eat."

Rowat:           And each week has a different scientific concept that I chose to highlight and give an overview of concepts in biophysics. So, many basic concepts that you would need to understand the world around us. So, how big are molecules? How big are the droplets of an emulsion in a mayonnaise, for example? We also cover physical concepts such as diffusion and elasticity, understanding what is squishy, what is stiff and how do we measure those physical properties? And of course, many people like to eat and so having taste tests that help to illustrate the scientific concepts we talk about are also very popular.

Narrator:       For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.