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Tips to lessen exposure to environmental chemicals

Narrator:          This is Science Today. The Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry on the UC Berkeley campus seeks to incorporate the principles of green chemistry into science, markets and public policy to safeguard human health and ecosystems. Megan Schwarzman, the center's associate director, says our everyday life is filled with chemicals.

Schwarzman:    When you learn about how chemically intensive our environment is and how some of them might be harmful and a lot of times we don't know, that can be overwhelming.

Narrator:          Schwarzman, who studies the environmental links to breast cancer, says until they really know the dangers of the variety of chemicals out there, there are small things that people can do.

Schwarzman:    Like choosing glass containers or stainless containers over plastic, simply to avoid anything they might be exposed to from the plastic — to avoid microwaving things in plastic. To choose organic food, helps you avoid pesticide residues; not wear shoes inside the house avoids tracking and lots of things from the outside. Those sorts of choices can help you feel like you have a little bit of control in your daily life over what you might be exposed to.

Narrator:          For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.