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B. California to Establish the First Greenhouse Gas Standard

Narrator: This is Science Today. The state of California is set to establish the world's first Greenhouse Gas Standard for transportation fuels, a move that will spark research in alternatives to oil, as well as boost clean technology and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Alex Farrell, director of the University of California, Berkeley 's Joint Center for Transportation Sustainability Research, will conduct a study to evaluate the implementation of a low carbon fuel standard for fuels sold in California.

Farrell: One of the key issues one of the important details, is developing protocols so that we can rigorously measure, and with confidence, audit the greenhouse gas implications of fuels that are sold in California.

Narrator: Farrell says the groundbreaking low carbon standard will help diversify our fuel supplies.

Farrell: And the competition among all these different fuel providers, all these new companies that will enter the market in terms of providing fuels, I think that that competition is the way to ensure that prices remain low.

Narrator: The goal is to have a regulatory process for the new standard completed by late 2008. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.