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Educational gift benefits both researchers, students

Narrator:       This is Science Today. Researchers and students alike in the Earth science department at the University of California, Santa Barbara, will benefit from an educational gift to use sophisticated software in classrooms that enable 3-D visualization, mapping and modeling of seismic data from the subsurface of the Earth. Research scientist Craig Nicholson says this software is routinely used in the oil and gas industry.

Nicholson:     They utilize this software for exploration purposes, to enhance their production capability, determine exactly where and how deep they need to drill; it's utilized in other mineral exploration purposes. For example, looking for potable water supplies or examining different subsurface rock formations to sequester hazardous materials like CO2 or hazardous chemicals from industrial production.

Narrator:       Aside from the research, students will also benefit from using this software by becoming better prepared for the job market. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.