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D. Understanding Multiple Sclerosis in Children

Narrator: This is Science Today. Multiple sclerosis can take a toll not only in adults, but in children as well. Since relatively little is known about MS in children, the symptoms may go unnoticed. Dr. Emmanuelle Waubant, a researcher at the University of California , San Francisco explains.

Waubant: Pediatric MS affects children differently from adults at various level. The first thing is in young children, symptoms may be mild enough that they are not brought up to the attention of the parents in case the child doesn't realize it's abnormal.

Narrator: Waubant describes some of the symptoms, which parents should look out for.

Waubant: The symptoms of MS can be very different from one child to the other. Some children may develop difficulty with their vision. Some may have numbness or tingling in an arm or a leg. Some may have difficulty going to the bathroom. Some may have imbalance or double-vision.

Narrator: Since these symptoms may not be MS, parents should first consult with their pediatrician. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.