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B. Technology Offers Geochemists a Detailed Glimpse Underground

Narrator: This is Science Today. Thanks to cutting edge technology and computer resources, geochemists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory can get a detailed glimpse of the hidden physical, biological and chemical processes that drive underground phenomena. Carl Steefel of the Lab's Earth Sciences Division, is among a group of scientists worldwide advancing a technique called reactive transport modeling, which has been used previously by engineers to monitor the spread of contaminants underground.

Steefel: What they did before was primarily to characterize the underground the water in the rock and geology in particular was mostly a descriptive science. So, what's really different here is the attempt to incorporate all the processes that are taking place here into the computer models, so that we can develop predictive tools that actually simulate the processes that are going on underground, and that includes the change, the water chemistry and rock chemistry.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.