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People who embarrass easily are more trustworthy

Narrator:       This is Science Today. If you tend to get red-faced with embarrassment easily, don't feel bad. People will actually trust you more. Those were the findings of a University of California, Berkeley study. Social psychologist Robb Willer explains that there have been previous theories suggesting that embarrassable people are more trustworthy and generous.

Willer:           And we found in our research that they are. We conducted two studies on that idea and found consistent evidence that people who get more embarrassed in a situation where that might be appropriate, a situation where they've committed some sort of mistake or mishap; those people in turn tend to also be more generous and trustworthy.

Narrator:       Willer says these findings have a couple of implications.

Willer:           One implication of the research is that while it may feel uncomfortable, embarrassment is not such a bad thing. Another implication of the research is that I think that the study offers practical advice for people who are looking to partner with trustworthy others in their personal or professional lives.

Narrator:       As for what this means for confident people, Willer says they may look into that in the future. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.