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† UCís contribution to grape growers

Narrator:            This is Science Today. Specialists at the University of California's Kearny Agricultural Center are working to improve the yield and quality of grapes. The center is located in the central San Joaquin Valley, where the majority of California's wine, table and raisin grapes are grown. Matthew Fidelibus, a viticulture and enology expert at University of California, Davis, is growing and assessing wine grape varieties.

Fidelibus:            There is a lot of interest from the growers in these programs that we're doing because they want to reduce their pesticide inputs; they want to improve their production; they want the fruit that they produce to be as good as it can in terms of quality, but also as productive as it can. And so they're looking to us for information as to which varieties and which selections of each varieties to plant. So, my mission is to do applied research and extend the information of it to growers. So I'm trying to make — come up with ways of improving yield and quality that can be readily applicable. 

Narrator:            Fidelibus explains that he and his colleagues conduct the basic research first and then with that understanding, move on to more applied research in the field. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.