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Innovative center dedicated to olive oil and table olives


Narrator:       This is Science Today. The Olive Center at the University of California, Davis, is hoping to do for olives what UC Davis did for wine — that is, become an international industry leader in education and research. Dan Flynn, director of the UC Davis Olive Center, says its mission is three-fold.

Flynn:             We are looking to promote innovation through our research; provide services to the industry and to consumers; and to push the tipping point for quality, so that the consumer can be assured that they're buying a quality product at the supermarket.

Narrator:       The center boasts one of the few sensory panels that exist in the world for olive oil.

Flynn:            And what the panel does is examine the flavor, the texture, the complexity of olive oil. One of the things they're looking for are defects, but beyond that are the positive qualities of the olive oil that make it such an important part of the table.

Narrator:       For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.