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Looking at geological structures in 3-D

Video transcript:

The recent award that we received from Seismic Microtechnology is actually a three-year grant. It provides five licenses to use their very sophisticated, state-of-the-art seismic imaging and 3D visualization software.

The KINGDOM software, we've actually had for about the last twelve years. So, we've become very familiar with the capabilities of the software. It's very prevalent in the oil and gas industry for examining subsurface, geologic structure for exploring and producing hydrocarbons, examining active subsurface faults, also for looking for other mineral sources, including potable water supplies in the subsurface.

The ability to use KINGDOM suite is really, really great for my research but also for future students' work because it's a product that's used extensively in industry and so by integrating it to our research, it prepares us for industry work, which is very good professionally. And then from kind of a research point of view, it's very useful because we're interested in how environments change with time and it's very difficult to get your mind wrapped around what's going on in that area without some kind of 3D visualization tool.

We would basically be limited to sort of two-dimensional images and without that proper perspective, your understanding and appreciation of what the hazard and their capabilities are, are much more limited.