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Lab to help develop offshore wind turbines

This is Science Today. Atmospheric scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are teaming up with SWAY, a Norwegian renewable energy company, to develop offshore wind turbines in deep water.

Roberts:         Deep water is important, especially for California because most of our offshore resource is in deep water. And that is why this partnership is important.

Narrator:        Jeff Roberts, program leader of Renewable Energy at the Lab, explains that most of the development is in what they consider shallow water. Offshore, wind resources are more consistent and could provide a lot more energy.

Roberts:         SWAY is developing an offshore platform that will work in deep water and withstand larger waves and the higher winds for some of the best resources. They're trying to develop their platform so that it can be used in places like California, off the north coast of Europe and other places where we'd really like to take advantage of that resource, but we can't currently do so.

Narrator:        The Lab is helping SWAY determine the best locations for offshore deep ocean wind farms. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.