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Positive message for those losing weight to avoid diabetes


Narrator:       This is Science Today. A UCLA study has found a correlation between more muscle mass and a significantly decreased risk of developing the metabolic changes that can lead to diabetes. Endocrinologist Preethi Srikanthan says overweight patients at risk for diabetes are often advised to lose body fat.

Srikanthan:   So, I'd like people to shift focus from just losing weight to getting up, getting moving and trying to improve levels of muscle mass and it's very hard to lose weight, so an obese person, knowing that just getting up and starting to move and starting to do activities that build muscle mass might have a positive effect on their metabolic risk is a very positive message to send and that's what I would like people to see... I'd like people to see that it's now not worth focusing just on trying to lose fat mass, it's an important thing to consider how to increase muscle mass.

Narrator:       Srikanthan says more studies are planned to determine an exact cause and effect association. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.