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Study reveals overuse of antibiotics in asthmatic children


Narrator:       This is Science Today. The problem of overuse of antibiotics has been a big issue for over a decade due to concerns about breeding drug resistance. Despite this knowledge, a University of California, San Francisco, study has found that certain antibiotics may be overused for children with asthma.

Cabana:         We wanted to see how often are antibiotics being used for asthma, even though the guidelines don't suggest or don't recommend that pediatricians use an antibiotic. 

Narrator:       Study leader Michael Cabana examined data from two national surveys and found that antibiotics were prescribed to children younger than 18 during nearly one in six visits. Cabana's study also found that asthma education is associated with better management.

Cabana:         Sometimes it might be easier to prescribe something for a patient and be done with it, but I think if you do the extra step of providing the asthma education, explain to a parent why a specific treatment isn't necessary, or might be very inappropriate at this time, it goes a long way.

Narrator:       For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.