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An online transportation injury mapping system

This is Science Today. Drivers, pedestrians and cyclists in California now have access to a powerful online tool that sorts through and maps the state's fatal and serious traffic collisions. Project manager John Bigham of the University of California, Berkeley says they developed the interactive Transportation Injury Mapping System, or TIMS, based on a decade's worth of data.

Bigham:          For the public that's accessing the site, I think it's really about awareness and knowing that crashes occur in the area, you can see some of the factors involved. Policymakers will have the ability to identify and say, hey there is an issue in our area. One of the tools that's going to be incorporated is to help traffic engineers, cities, counties, agencies to identify an issue in their area where they can apply for federal funding that allows projects to improve the safety, build a new light at the intersection and those types of things.

Narrator:        Bigham says other states are interested in developing similar systems. To view, go to For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.