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D. A Heat Source that Enables Lead-free Soldering
Narrator:            This is Science Today. The development of a material called NanoFoil®, a nanoengineered heat source that enables lead-free soldering and brazing of materials at room temperature, was based on work initiated and performed in the laboratory or Troy Barbee, a senior scientist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Barbee:            The issue here is to be able to do a variety of things that have to do with joining sensitive parts, in fuel maintenance and welding and a variety of things like that. One can actually do hermetic sealing of sensitive devices for electronics. You can do energetic materials, you can use it to ignite various kinds of materials, studying the joining of aluminum and essentially eliminate the need to do riveting of airplane skins. And so that's being addressed.
Narrator:            NanoFoil® works by heating only the interface being joined and permits large and small components to be metallically bonded with no thermal damage. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.