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Online tool helps communities reduce carbon footprint


Narrator:       This is Science Today.  An online tool that individuals have been using for years to track and reduce their own carbon footprints has been revamped by the University of California, Berkeley. Researcher Chris Jones explains that city governments can now use the redesigned Carbon Calculator to implement their own community-based program for reducing emissions.

Jones:             So, for example we're working with the city of Davis and they have brought together 100 households to monitor their carbon footprint using our calculator. Eventually they hope to reach half of the households in the city of Davis and engaging them in community-based outreach programs.

Narrator:       One of the goals of the new Carbon Calculator is to encourage friendly competition among communities.

Jones:             It's a new metric for communities to evaluate how well they are participating in the clean energy economy. So it would be fun one day to have a carbon competition between say Berkeley and Los Angeles but also Shanghai and Sydney and to create kind of a global discussion about carbon footprints.

Narrator:       For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.