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B. A National Lab Develops a Life-Saving Armor Kit for Gun Trucks
trong>Narrator: This is Science Today. A gun truck kit developed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is now providing convoy protection for American troops on the roads of Iraq . Milton Finger, the senior scientist who led the project, says gun trucks were initially used during the Vietnam War to escort convoys.

Finger: So we interviewed several veterans of the Vietnam War who drove these trucks, to get some general direction from them. We then also looked into our literature that Livermore and others had developed. Livermore had been actively involved in armor technology since the Vietnam War. It was that database then that suggested what we might to do protect vehicles gun trucks against the threats of today.

Narrator: Finger and his colleagues built an easy-to-assemble kit made of high, hard steel and ballistic fiberglass. Thirty more were built and used in the field, where they have been highly regarded by the troops.

Finger: We know of two instances specifically in which lives were saved.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.